Frequently Asked Questions

How do I return an item?

If you're unsatisfied by your purchase, please review our Return Policy and contact support@every.shop.

What type of payments do you accept?

EVERY, credit card.

What is EVERY and how do I get some?

EVERY provides Shopper members with credits to be used towards discounts & savings. You get EVERY in exchange for data about yourself that you're willing to share. All of that data is stored in your EVERY Wallet.

What is the EVERY Wallet?

Think of the EVERY Wallet as holding not only your SHOP, but your online personal history that you're now able to control and monetize yourself from settings within the wallet. Now, when you interact with a Brand—based on your EVERY Wallet settings—your personal information will be shared (or not) with Brands who then reward you for that information in real time with SHOP.

How do I sign up for the EVERY Wallet?

Every EVERY Wallet user becomes a member of the EVERY CO-OP, a consortium of Brands, Shoppers, and Developers who together exercise democratic control over the EVERY Token & Wallet and how they're used, ensuring the future of EVERY remains in the hands of all its users. To learn more, visit SHOP.

But why is EVERY so awesome?

EVERY is a Brand-Direct Marketplace that brings Brands & Shoppers together in a blockchain-based, tokenized retail environment powered by SHOP. EVERY empowers Brands to reward Shoppers for sharing personal data with customized discounts, rewards, and more SHOP.