SHOP, founded in 2018, is now EVERY. It’s the same revolution, same team, same technology, but with a new name.

SHOP’s ability to generate brand engagement, rich technology and inspired customer experiences led to the acquisitions of complementary companies that add value and further these goals. We’ve evolved our name to encompass all the benefits that EVERY provides; connected, rewarded shopping, innovative proprietary technology and more! EVERY is the first Brand-Direct Marketplace that powers complete data transparency between brands and shoppers. We believe that EVERY represents every style, every budget, every shopper. The value we sought on behalf of our customers carries forward and we will continue to be fixated on the empowerment our token brings to the decentralized retail world.

The EVERY Protocol is a retail blockchain built on top of Ethereum that will power a new way for shoppers and brands to connect directly, for the benefit of both.

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SHOP is now EVERY! Learn more about the change here.

For more information about EVERY, check out our white paperGithub, and our new marketplace, Kanga. If you’re looking to become a part of the EVERY community, join our Telegram and say hello!

Our team’s extensive experience in the retail industry enabled us to understand critical Brand and Shopper pain points, and led us to create EVERY as a means to return power to Brands and Shoppers.

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